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Dating software open source freiburg

dating software open source freiburg

German and an additional 4,000. Read more The interview archive Forced Labor commemorates more than twenty million people forced to work for Nazi Germany. Read more The aim of the joint project eCodicology, promoted by the bmbf, is the development, the testing, and the optimisation of new algorithms to automatically detect the macro- and microstructural elements of manuscript pages and embed them into the. Read more In recent decades European libraries have taken a giant step towards the mass digitization of their historical collections and the opening of their contents for the use of the global digital society. By means of the xml-based. Its aim is to engage the public in the online transcription of original and unstudied. Read more Romans 1by1 is a population database recording people identified in Greek and Roman epigraphy. As a server-client system it facilitates simultaneous operation by multiple users. Read more The Repertorium Academicum Germanicum (RAG) is a research project that collects, visualizes and evaluates biographical, social and cultural data of 60'000 university scholars of the Holy Roman Empire. dating software open source freiburg Read more pelagios stands for 'Pelagios: Enable Linked Ancient Geodata In Open Systems' - its aim is to help introduce Linked Open Data goodness into online resources that refer to places in the historic past. Der Landkreis Saalekreis hat zudem eine reiche Kulturgeschichte, gepaart mit einer reizvollen Umgebung. Read more The maddlain project aims to analyse the behaviour and needs of different audiences with regard to digital access to the collections offered by the CegeSoma, the Royal Library of Belgium and the State Archives of Belgium. A complete canon of authors and works is also available. Read more gams (Geisteswissenschaftliches Asset Management System, Humanistic Asset Management System) is an oais-compliant asset management system for the storage and administration of digital resources produced in a scientific context. Read more At least 80 per cent of modern and postmodern poems have neither rhyme nor metrical schemes such as iambic or trochaic meter. In addition we offer several online resources. Read more Many handwritten and illustrated archives contain a wealth of information, but are largely underexplored because they are complex and difficult for computers to decipher. It includes more than 500 works of art (Paintings and sculpture. To this end, Icelandic and.

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Avanzini of the University of Pisa, that aims at getting the whole corpus of pre-Islamic Arabian inscriptions inventoried and. For heritage professionals, the Emotive application will provide a powerful storytelling engine and. It treats primary sources and. Read regeln beim dating einen jüngeren mann more etrap (electronic Text Reuse Acquisition Project) is an Early Career Research Group funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Begun in January 2015, the mission of #dariahTeach strategic partnership was to develop. Read more, a project coordinated by Pere Ferré and Sandra Boto, at University of Algarve - Center for Research in Arts and Communication (Portugal consists on a digital web-platform that opens to the general public the Portuguese Romanceiro. Read more The database will contain information of the repertoire of the City Theatre of Amsterdam since the new building at the Leidseplein in 1774. Read more The Exhibitium Project is a data-driven project that focuses on art exhibitions regularly held by galleries, museums and art centers. Read more DiXiT (Digital Scholarly Editions Initial Training Network) is an international network of high-profile public and private institutions that are actively involved in the creation and publication of digital editions. dating software open source freiburg

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